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Start Small from a Garage like the Mega Companies

SEO Company for Startups

Great companies have started small and their beginning was not the indicator how big they would grow! However small a company, you will always need to attract clients, we may not be able to spend much as a boot strapped, fund constrained Startup, yet we have to sell by marketing our products & services, hence Digital Marketing & SEO for Startups with most meaningful price benefit ratio is extremely essential that someone offers SEO Packages for Small Businesses, this is where Mañana Innovations Comes into the limelight.

Some of the biggest names that are ruling the world today as they are most popular brands such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Disney, Harley Davidson, these companies rule the hearts & minds of their customers and even those that are not yet customers and they have more aspiring customers than real customers, that’s what makes them a Mega Brand.

All these companies I have named have one thing in common, they started very small and started from Garages.

Size did not matter, resources did not inhibit them from pursuing their dreams and chase their goals. They relentlessly, passionately went after one thing that they believed in customer experience. Each of them delivered excellence in customer experience which made their products the most desirable and their companies mega brands.

Mañana Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is a digital marketing company with a difference, that invests in customer experience through people, as Mañana believes that human relationship & technology skills when fused together passionately breeds excellence that cannot be matched easily! When Mañana approaches its target client, they have already studied the needs of the company and its shortcomings but the study is not to undermine what has been done by anyone but how can all such shortcomings be removed and strengths developed to go to market and create business Growth & a popular recognizable Brand.

Mañana Innovations offers a host of Digital Marketing services from Website Development / re-grooming existing websites to make them more dear friendly and offers special services SEO for Startups and have devised special SEO Packages for Small Businesses.

Many companies that have been clients of Mañana since their inception, they initially started very small at low budgets, and over time have seen the results delivered by Mañana and have not only started expanding the scope of service but have volunteered to take more services and enhanced the packages and spend for Digital Marketing with Mañana.

SEO is a long drawn activity which takes time to show results hence its best matched with SMO where visual and intellectual marriage takes place within the target audience where sight and mind both help in taking qualified decision and digital marketing by Mañana Innovations help and leads the audience to the product / service provider who are Mañana clients.

SEO is Search Engine optimization which is an a science of content management to direct all searchers towards the website hence pushing and bumping the website to the top of a search engine result to the 1st page.

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