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Cope with Stress During Coronavirus Lockdown

Mental Health During Lockdown

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has left us all puzzled. Whilst the entire world practically is in a state of lockdown, it becomes difficult for individuals to keep a positive outlook towards life, affecting their overall mental health. But sure there are a lot of things one could do to uplift their moods at such trying times. Here are some things that one could do to cope with stress or depression or anxiety

Talk to your friends and family:

There is no denying the fact that we are all in this together. Although we might be overwhelmed by our own problems, most around us are feeling the same way. Talking to people that we hold dear to us could help us release stress and feel better.

Live healthy:

This lockdown has presented itself as an opportunity. In the midst of social distancing and staying indoors we have a lot of time to ourselves. Engaging in some home workout routine, eating healthy, catching up on sleep are things that could help us not only get our health in order but also can contribute in uplifting our moods.

Avoid negative engagements:

following news, media, etc. and learning about how grave the situation has gotten over the past few months can be detrimental to our moods. Staying updated through the day is a great thing to do, however watching news all day long can have an adverse effect on our overall mental health.

Take up a Hobby:

We won’t get this time again! Let’s establish that fact first. Think of the time when you possibly wanted to pick up a hobby like singing or sketching or cooking or playing music or reading. Revisiting our hobbies can not only help us look at life positively, but can leave us with a sense of achievement.

Hone a Skill:

In our usual busy schedule we hardly have time to focus on self-development. Now that we have time at hands, we sure can look at honing a skill. There are a plethora of online courses available that can help us develop a skill or better a skill that we already possess.

Spend time with your family:  

As mentioned before, we will possibly never get this time again, hence this is an opportunity for us to connect with our family. If you live with your family then this is a great time to spend as much time with them talking to them about anything under the sun. Those that have kids, there’s no better time to do fun things around the house with them. Helping them pick up a hobby, helping them learn new things.

Get in touch with old pals:

A simple “Hi! How are you? Hope you’re doing well?” message can be a fantastic ice breaker with friends that you might have lost touch with.

Celebrate festivities with family:

During the lockdown, there were several and would be several small and large festivities that have or would come our way. Spend time with your family and celebrate these in whatever shape of form.

Work from Home:

Last but not the least, we must not let this lockdown get the better of us. Engaging in work can be a major release. Although the lockdown has seen a massive economic downturn and businesses of all sizes are bleeding. It is time for us to be on our toes and contribute as much as we can and get ourselves ready for the time the lockdown ends.

It is up to us to keep a positive outlook towards life at such trying times. Stay home, be safe & Spread Joy!

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