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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What Is Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most robust forms of Digital Marketing. Although SEO needs consistent effort and time for the results to show it by far is the most popular and successful forms of online marketing. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps a company rank high on Search Engines on keywords that are relevant to their business. Good SEO employs a plethora of different methods like optimising the website, regular creation & posting of relevant content like blogs, articles, social bookmarking, social sharing, etc. all these put together over time helps a company in developing a strong online presence which in turn helps them in obtaining a high ranking on Search Engines, increasing their visibility to their target audience. Search Engine Optimisation comprises of two main components, which are as follows.

On Page SEO

Although a company creates a website to showcase their product & service and tell their story to their target audience. it is important to have websites to comply with major search engine algorithms and norms. This is where on page SEO comes in. On page SEO is done to optimise the website in order to help search engines to comprehend the contents of the website. On Page SEO includes activities like optimising the website speed, defining alt-tags, meta Titles, meta Descriptions, optimising the contents of the web pages, etc. 

Off Page SEO

Once a website is thoroughly optimised and readied for Search Engines to crawl them, is the time when the process of Off Page SEO starts. Off page SEO comprises of several activities like content creation, making company profiles, etc. with a primary focus on link Building, along with this activities like Social Media Optimisation helps in reaping great results.

What Makes Mañana The Best Search Engine Optimisation Company in Gurgaon

Mañana over the years of its successful operations has stuck to one basic principle, which is, ensuring client success and satisfaction whilst giving them a customer experience which is unparalleled. Mañana has built a team that synergises with the vision of the organisation and every member of the team strives to deliver the best results to its customers. We deploy all the best methods & best practices of doing good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and work closely with the client to ensure that their expectations are being met. Our team of experts has deployed design thinking as a part their daily operations understanding challenges and overcoming them to ensure best results. Mañana at a every step strives to maintain complete transparency with its clients making them the one of the most preferred SEO Company in Gurgaon & in India.

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